Joey's Reading List for January 21, 2017

My daily post of things I read on the WWW and am sharing with you

I'm surprised by how little I have to share today, I figure this is because some much attention is on the Women's marches around the world that my favourite writers are at, and haven't yet written their thoughts on.

  1. Keeping libraries relevant — HPL: Hamiltonian Rick Calder responds to Ward 7 Councillor (and wannabe populist) Donna Skelly's suggestion that libraries should be cut. "[T]he Hamilton Public Library is a shining example of exactly how a library can remain relevant in a digital world and Councillor Skelly seems blissfully unaware of that fact."

  2. The story behind Hamilton’s new urban Indigenous strategy a former Spec reporter, Rhiannon Russell, writes for TVO on Hamilton's new urban strategy and its recently hired senior project manager.