Lakehead SU - Reviewing its membership with CFS

Back in June, the CFS released an inaccurate statement about Lakehead University which was quickly called on by the University and Students’ Union there.
This story was well covered by in a post entitled Tuition Dispute

But this time, the university administration and the students’ union are on the same side.

A recent press release from CFS Ontario claimed that a number of universities in Ontario were poised to raise tuition fees well above the 5% limit set by the provincial government in March 2006. Among the universities cited were the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, and Lakehead University.

However, in a joint press release issued by the Lakehead University Students’ Union (CFS Local 32) and Lakehead University, the Presidents of Lakehead and of it’s Students’ Union refuted this claim. They said that Lakehead was only planning increases in the range of 3.9% to 4.5%, “well below the 5% average cap established by the McGuinty government.” The issue has also come to the attention of the local media.

UPDATE (2006-07-25): LUSU has since issued a press release with the title “Lakehead University Student Union Stands in Solidarity with the Canadian Federation of Students.” Seeking to “clarify” its earlier joint press release, LUSU reaffirmed its “alliance” with the Federation and noted that while they continued to believe that “Lakehead University is doing the best job it can under this difficult provincial regulation,” LUSU nonetheless supported the Federation’s goals of “lowered tuition fees.” This press release also questioned the use of the term “market value” to characterize tuition fees, even though this term was used in their original joint press release
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In today’s Argus, the LUSU President writes:

We will be re-examining our affiliation with the CFS (Canadian Federation of Students). They are like a bigger student union, but on the whole LUSU does not use enough of it’s services to make it worthwhile. We pay them $85,000 a year. They’re always whining about tuition fees, and frankly, I don’t think that they’ve examined the issue critically in a very long time. Plus, the first thing they did in the spring was release misinformation about Lakehead. I was not impressed. But there are two sides to the issue as I’m sure Brendon will tell you. The real decision is up to you.

Now if I can say, I like this paragraph calling on people to run for their Board of Directors (eqv. to MSU’s SRA or UMSU’s Council):

Speaking of which, board elections are coming up. RUN FOR BOARD! We need a board that is not dysfunctional this year. Engineers, get some people out there so you guys don’t get screwed this year. First years, run so that we know what kind of events and services will keep you here, same with Res kids. Upperclassmen, get on board and provide the voice of reason. Business students, run and help us become fiscally responsible. You get the idea. RUN FOR BOARD!

In other news written of in the Argus, I loved this from the article: Nobody tells us that we’re un-cool which is about how Leakhead (Just had to get some friendly rivalry in there) Lakehead U is boycotting Maclean’s:

Lakehead uses the “Best Overall in Value Added” as a selling point for prospective students. It was awarded this title in last year’s issue. When asked if Lakehead would still advertise “Best Overall in Value Added,” Gilbert stated that the university would, “we’ll just take off the part referencing Maclean’s.”

Can we say irony?