Live Coverage: Closed Door LRT Meeting at City Hall

[![A concept rendering of a Hamilton LRT line (City of Hamilton / Handout)](]( concept rendering of a Hamilton LRT line (City of Hamilton / Handout)
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Hamilton’s Mayor and a select few Councillors will hold a closed door meeting with the provincial minister of transportation, and local cabinet minister Ted McMeekin, on the proposed Hamilton LRT or is it BRT or is it nothing?

Not welcome in the meeting is local MPP Monique Taylor and the public.

The Minister was invited by Council to attend a public meeting, but this changed to a private closed doors meeting.

In the meeting for the City of Hamilton will be City Manager Chris Murray, Councillors Duvall, Powers, McHattie, and Clark. Councillor Merulla is skipping the meeting over concerns about the legality of the closed door session.

Live Coverage

Special live coverage will being at 9:30am from City Hall. I’ll be using my portable equipment (battery powered) to ensure we get some answers from the Minister.

Watch live as the Minister arrives, leaves, and hear what those shut out of the meeting have to say. Following the meeting, a press conference is expected to occur.

As I’m using my portable gear, the video will be on my channel here: