Mayoral Candidates Debate at Dalewood Community Centre

As regular readers of my blog are aware, I have decided to support Fred Eisenberger for Mayor.  That is who I am voting for.  However, I decided to attend the mayoral debate tonight.  Probably because I am such a complete politicial geek.

I did enjoy Brother Michael Baldasaro tonight.  It seems that every election he just gets better.  I think that running knowing that you are not going to win allows you to say things you otherwise would not.  He asked many times why there is drinking establishments on campus.  His line of reasoning is that students are going to school to get educated and drinking leads many people into addiction and ultimately failure.  You know, I may not agree with him completely, he does have a point.  Actually, at many times he made sense.  At other times he did not.  It is really sad that the MSU did not have things together this year and waited till the last second on the election file.  It would have been great to have Brother Michael on campus for a debate.

From my seat in the audience, Fred has plenty of support.