McMaster University Students = Bad People

At another community debate for Ward One Councillor.  The main theme is that students are the most horrible people and we need to find a place for them to live where they are not among us.   I am being a little sarcastic.

I am greatly concerned with the strong anti-student feeling that exists in Westdale.  I am more concerned by the number of people that are complaining about moving students to Locke Street which is a commercial district.  There are students that are a problem, but I do not for one second believe that we should tar and feather all students.  There are problem citizens, we do not look at all citizens as problems.  I know that did not make much sense but I believe you get my point.

The people of Hamilton must realize that if we are going to be a successful city, we need an educated population.  If we make students feel unwelcome, they are not going to make their home here when they graduate.

Drew Mitchell, the MSU VP Finance (and he made sure to say “The Chief Financial Officer”) but not a student, asked a question about housing.  He was asked a confusing question with two parts (I had a hard time understanding it honestly).  It seemed to involve the trucking issue.  The second was about how to get student houses converted back to family housing with the increase of students targeted apartment buildings instead of non-student renters.

Ryan Moran also asked a good question… correct me very great question.  He made a great point about student profiling.  He was amazing!  I am very impressed.