MSU Politicans fire Sil Editor-in-Chief (Executive Editor)

To view a detailed post on the bylaws and policies violations by the MSU Board of Directors please click here (Warning it is an extensive post and a long read)
The big story I have been working on is the firing of the Executive Editor of the Silhouette by the MSU Board of Directors. I have been told by numerous sources that it was Drew Mitchell, the VP Finance (who is actively seeking the MSU Presidency next year) that initiated the Board’s move to sack the Editor.
The Board is claiming they have the right to sack the Editor outside of operating policy provided that the sacking is without cause. The process for firing the Sil Editor for cause as many checks and balances. To fire without cause is unprecedented. The sad part is that too many of the SRA members care more about being appointed to Vice-President next year than actually making sure the Board does not abuse its power.
The Varsity has a non-bias independent report now online.
My question is who is next? This years Board of Directors (at least a few members there of) goes after its enemies without mercy.