More LJ Entries on the MSU: The Last Minute Change To The SRA Meeting (Posted tonight)

I know there are a few students that have talked to me on campus that are planning to attend this Sunday’s SRA meeting, the first chance to get some answers from the MSU Executive. I just got an email an hour ago from the Speaker informing me that the meeting has been moved to Friday at 5:15pm. No explanation was given for this sudden change. The only reason I was informed is because I am on the agenda for three presentations. Luckily, I have been able to juggle my day at the last minute to get to the meeting.
I am writting this for two reasons:

  1. Inform students that I cannot reach of this sudden change, especially since the MSU website still has the original meeting time listed and has not been updated:
  2. Encourage students to come out to the SRA meeting especially to ask questions and give input. Students do not have speaking rights at the SRA unless a member gives you their speaking rights for your question/comment. This has never been a problem in finding a SRA member to do so, hence you will be able to speak.
    The Agenda is as follows:

Friday June 9, 2006, 5:15 p.m.
Council Chambers, Gilmour Hall, Room 111
Call to Order, Call of the Roll, Adoption of Agenda, Adoption of Minutes 06C, Delegations from the Floor, Information Period, Question Period, Business Arising from the Minutes, Business, Unfinished Business, New Business, Time of Next Meeting, Adjournment, Call of the Roll
HSR Bus Service & GTTA – Joey Coleman
Federal Budget Briefing – Joey Coleman
Tuition File: Action Plan, The Fairness for McMaster Students Act – Joey Coleman

  1. Recess for a Meeting of Full Members of MSU Inc. Popham
  2. Recess for a Meeting of Full Members of CFMU Inc. Popham
  3. Approval of SRA logo Moran
  4. Open Nominations for SRA member on Silhouette Board of Publication Dowell
  5. Ad-Hoc Committee on Board of Directors Job Performance Dowell

This is your chance to prove to get engaged and hear the plan that Mr. Popham must have for the tuition situation since he says it is not too late. He says there is still time to make a difference. I know that I cannot figure out how to make this difference considering that the Board of Governors as already approved the tuition hikes by a large vote of the Board in favour. The only way (that I have found) is for the Provinicial Cabinet to issue an Order-in-Council. I am looking forward to his plan and to see what he has found, it should be good.
Hope to see people there. I will put my presentations online following the meeting for people to discuss.
– Joey Coleman