More LJ Entries on the MSU: The Protest that Popham used to Blame Students for his not doing his job

I did some investigating of John Pophams claim that students did not come out to some protest the MSU organized and hence students must have been in favour of the tuition hikes. So he went to lunch (yes he really went to lunch) instead of attending the Board of Governors Meeting. I posted to LiveJournal:

I have done some research into this protest that the MSU organized, that students were not out at, and therefore John Popham went to lunch instead of attending the Board of Governors meeting when tuition was hiked (Attending the Board of Governors Meetings is 5% of the MSU President Job Description.)
He could have been there to ask questions to make sure the money was going into classes etc. The VP Education should have been there as well.
I tried to find the advertisement or something on the MSU website.
All I could find was a story they wrote about it after the fact:
This what was on the MSU site prior to this rally:
Here are all the MSU listservs for the time period prior to this protest:
Look at the Official MSU Calendar and you will notice that it is not even there:
You would think that if the MSU is doing something and they want people out, they would advertise it somehow. Maybe the MSU listserv?
Students were not at the rally because the MSU never bothered to tell us!
The timing of the rally, on March 31st in Toronto. A school day, right before the test ban, a week before the end of classes when Professors and T.A.’s are starting exam review. Seems like really bad timing to me to begin with. Add to that the typical MSU not communicating with students problem and you have a recipe for no turn out.
Here are two pictures from the MSU “rally”. The first is from the MSU webpage. The second was given to me today.

Yes, students were not at the rally but it was not cause we did not care. It was because the MSU did not care to tell us.