MSU Censorship upon McMaster Students Now Fully In Effect

The McMaster Students Union has a policy of censorship against students at McMaster University.  This is to prevent anyone not approved by the MSU Elections Committee (one of the last non-independent student union election processes in Canada) (incorrect, a lot of students union do not have independent elections – see comments) from speaking about the MSU election in a way that could “interfere” with the elections process.  The punishment for speaking about the MSU elections can included monetary penalties (fines), revoking of MSU membership (which means one must pay MSU fees in the hundreds of dollars because cannot get the so-called benefits of those fees), and potentially punishment under the Student Code of Conduct for harassment of the MSU.
As I have been threatened for my blog on numerous occasions and the MSU loves to file charges against me under the Student Code of Conduct, I have no choice but to obey the censorship of the MSU.  I ask that you obey the censorship as well.

I have been warned by MSU politicians that they will not tolerate any discussion of the MSU on the internet that is not approved by the elections committee. MSU politicians are in the majority on the committee.  One of them went so far as to warn me that I would be up for punishment for anything that appears on! This because the MSU seems to believe that I have some sort of control over or that I will merely send my information to be posted there.  I will not be doing so.  They are also concerned that someone could send information to and bypass the MSU censorship.  It seems there is a problem with controling the internet for the MSU.  Damn internet and its free flow of information, how dare students be allowed to get their information from non-(state)approved sources especially independent student bloggers.

As such, I am asking all my McMaster readers to follow the censorship guidelines of the MSU.  I ask that you not email me at my email joey -at- or the tip email: titus.gregory -at- with any information about the MSU elections.

Thank You!