MSU Censorship Bypassed

Many people have expressed disappointment with me for following the MSU censorship guidelines. The MSU and University are looking for any excuse to crackdown on me, I am not giving them one. As a leader in the Movement for Democratic Reform of the MSU, I am a prime target. I cannot work on reform if I do not have MSU membership or if I get a complete ban from campus. People often say to me that I must pick the right battles, not just pick a battle because it is right.
Anyway, the MSU has yet to figure out a way to shutdown the internet. Considering that China has not either, you think they would be expecting students to discuss matters of the MSU state.
One of the members of the SRA has discovered that the MSU cannot revoke his membership for discussing the MSU election. In order to revoke his membership, he would have to be recalled first. Students want reform, students want democracy and would never recall a member that is fighting for students and is actually representing students.
Go to only if you are not a McMaster Student.
If you are a McMaster student, remember that the MSU knows what is best for you and you are not to visit this website. The MSU has yet to install parental controls for us but they do know what is better for you.
To quote from the Silhouette:

The informant also paraphrased Drew Mitchell as saying, “if you are a parent and your child wants to eat only ice cream, you as an adult will know that this is not good for their health and as such would not allow it. In the same way SRA members must make decisions for their constituency, when they know it is in their best interest.”

(Quotes from the Silhouette are not a violation of the MSU censorship rules.)