Silhouette Editorial Board Vote

I have a vote on the Silhouette Editorial Board as a member of the Silhouette Staff. Tomorrow, the Silhouette Editorial Board will be meeting. The agenda does include a vote on if the Silhouette will be endorsing a candidate for MSU President. If the Editorial Board decides to make an endorsement, then the decision must be made on who to endorse. I have decided that I will not be exercising my vote on this matter. I feel this is the best way of handling my vote at the present time as I am not yet far enough removed from direct involvement in MSU politics to remove the appearance of conflict in exercising my vote.
I am also trying to figure out if I will be putting an opinion piece in this week’s paper. I was going to do a story on happening at a certain SU but they story is not yet developed enough to cover. I may write about VFM at UBC. Titus has done a good job of covering VFM here:
Correction: I do not have a vote. The previous editor thought this was the case. I am however, allowed to attend the Editorial Board meetings and speak.