No Surprise Here

Aramark is charging an employee in the States who just happened to speak in favour of getting a union.
Here is a bit of the article:

Student Action with Workers, a campus activist organization, organized Monday’s rally and march in support of Vel Dowdy, an employee at Lenoir Dining Hall on campus. Dowdy was arrested by campus police on March 25 and charged with felony embezzlement. Police reports said she was charged for “allowing students that she befriended to eat for free.”
The students who gathered Monday weren’t buying that. They said Dowdy’s arrest was an attempt by ARAMARK Educational Services, the company that runs the university’s dining services, to punish Dowdy for her support of unionization.
“This is a deliberate scare tactic aimed at intimidating other workers,” freshman Jonathan Pourzal said.
Kate Moran, communications manager at ARAMARK, said Dowdy has been placed on paid leave pending the outcome of her legal case. “Her employment status is not in any way tied to any alleged organizational efforts regarding unionization,” Moran said.