Should the RCMP be investigating AdScam?

There is much in today’s papers to say No! Why should the RCMP be investigating something they were involved in? The RCMP should be part of the investigation as a suspect party. May I suggest that we have the Calgary Police Service do this investigation. They are clean of this, there is no Liberal corruption in Calgary as there is no Liberal party there!
Excerpts from Greg Weston in the Ottawa Sun:

In the latest episode of Desperate House Lies, Paul Martin’s government has announced it is calling in the Mounties to find out who stole all the stolen sponsorship money otherwise intended for the Liberal Party in Quebec …
…Turns out their cafeteria at RCMP headquarters in Montreal is run by Buffet Trio, the family catering company of Joe Morselli.
…Morselli is also the former Liberal bagman named in last week’s bombshell Adscam allegations that the sponsorship program was rife with kickbacks, bid-rigging and money-laundering …
Exactly how Morselli’s company came to have the catering contract at RCMP headquarters is not entirely clear. A federal Public Works official says that while that department handles the catering contracts in most federal buildings, Morselli’s firm was picked by the RCMP division in Montreal — the same one investigating Adscam.
Morselli’s good luck in federal contracting didn’t stop with the RCMP kitchen.
Buffet Trio also has the cafeteria contract at the huge federal tax centre in — wait for it — Jean Chretien’s home town of Shawinigan …
…Let us not forget the Mounties’ proud past, immortalized by Auditor General Sheila Fraser in her historic 2003 report on the sponsorship fiasco: There they were at the height of the sponsorship fiasco, riding off into the sunset with over $3 million of sponsorship loot, much of it laundered through a secret RCMP non-government bank account in Quebec
Finally, as the Martin government once again turns to the Mounties to clear the Liberal party’s good name, we are reminded of a fascinating letter in our investigative file.
The letter from then RCMP assistant commissioner R. J. Mercier was dated May 28, 1998, at the height of the sponsorship fiasco.
It was addressed to Chuck Guite, the disgraced former bureaucrat who ran the sponsorship program, and is now facing criminal fraud charges.
The letter from the RCMP brass was inviting Guite “to take the salute during a short ceremony prior to the Musical Ride performance.”

To take the Salute is a big deal and clearly indicates how much the RCMP wanted more of the dirty money than what they were already getting. The RCMP cannot investigate AdScam, they have just as much interest as the Quebec Liberals in covering it up.