NYT Piece on Small Theatres

The revival of small, often one screen, theatres in the past few years has been something to celebrate in communities across English North America. Hamilton has seen the revival of the Westdale and the Playhouse. (Sadly, the Zoetic did not survive 2019 - it was ahead of its time)

Like all entertainment businesses, theatres are being hard hit by the pandemic. For small theatres, which operate on shoestring budgets and passion, the pandemic leaves them financially underwater.

In Canada, there are the federal small business supports, wage subsidies, and many small business owners are not drawing any payments from their businesses - they are currently able to access personal income supports.

These life-support measures mean the situation here is not as dire as in the United States.

Nonetheless, the New York Times piece on small movie theatres is a good read to gain insight into this sector of the entertainment industry.