Off to watch the debate

Tonight is the School Board Trustee’s debate. I am heading out there to see it. I am really going to try to figure out who I am going to endorse in my home ward. The last contested Trustee election in Ward 5 was in 2000. I ran that year. I earned 23% of the vote that time. I cannot do school and be a Trustee. That is why I am not running. Many of my local readers have been asking me my thoughts. I will hopefully get enough tonight to formulate some good thoughts and give an endorsement.
Check back over the weekend for more.
Tonight may be a no post night. I did not sleep well last night. My nerves were shot. I am hoping to get to sleep as soon as I get back. I am having some trouble with my batteries for my laptop so I am not mobile with it right now. That should be fixed mid-next week.