Simon Fraser Student Society Impeachment Blogosphere Update

The SFSS situation has been a landmark moment in Canadian Student Politics.  I say this because the Internet has played a key role in its development and students at the grassroots level have been able to use their blogs to have their voices heard.

The following posts have appeared on blogs since the impeachment (most recent first):

November 3rd:

October 31st:

October 30th:

October 28th:

October 26th:

Outside of the blogosphere there has been some coverage:

The Varsity at UofToronto put together a very good article on Tuesday (Oct 31) about the subject entitled: Impeached student president resigns.  It was very interesting to see the use of a picture taken by a SFU student that was posted on Flickr.  This is how it looked in the Print Edition of The Varsity…

Note that this is the full width of the page.  It is another show of how the internet has changed student politics.  In this case, a journalist in Ontario was able to find a picture to illustrate a story that a student at Simon Fraser had taken.