On Campus reads


  1. Vulnerable Conservative MPs in university ridings, by MICHAEL GEIST, Professor University of Ottawa

  2. ‘Private faculty’ sets up shop at U of M by ALDO SANTIN, Winnipeg Free Press

  3. Students at UBC don’t appear too concerned with threat, CKNW AM980 Vancouver

  4. Politicians imperil native college by CAROL GOAR, Toronto Star

  5. Board overlooks students’ concerns by LAURA CARLSON, The Cord Weekly

  6. RRSP vs RESP by GARRY MARR, Financial Post

Campus Press

· Ron Paul surprises all in announcing RSU candidacy (HUMOUR) by CHRIS BATTAGLIA, The Eyeopener

· CFS ‘war plans’ discovered through e-mail error by CHELSE MCKEE and TESSA VANDERHART, The Manitoban

· Students want more control over their cash by HARMEET SINGH, The Charlatan

· Student jobs may be unionized by WLUSA by LAURA CARLSON, *The Cord Weekly *(Laurier)

· On the CSU’s shopping list by BEN NGAI, The Concordian

· Bill Gates coming to UW campus again, @UW

· Zoning codes target Boston students by RICHARD PATTERSON, Boston College Heights

· CAMPUS: GA motion to call for day of action by KEN SUN, The McGill Tribune


· Mixed reviews for student pendant alarm system by ELISABETH JOHNS, Ottawa Sun

· Premier should look to who elected his government and treat CBU accordingly by FRED JACKSON, Cape Breton Post

· Program suspensions frustrate Loyalist students by HENRY BURY, The Belleville Intelligencer

· U of C teacher quitting over low pay by SARAH MCGINNIS, Calgary Herald

· Mount Royal College offering more degrees by SARAH MCGINNIS, Calgary Herald

· Labour dispute costs STU some students by JENNIFER DUNVILLE, The Daily Gleaner

· B.C. pushes for more students from India, Saudi Arabia, Dubai to school by JANET STEFFENHAGEN, The Vancouver Sun

· Universities explore text messages for emergencies, CBC News

United States

· WSU will keep extra student fees by MARISA SCHULTZ, The Detroit News


· And for your homework, please design a torture device by KAREN MCVEIGH, The Guardian

· Shocking x-ray shows DOOR KEY student swallowed in drunken prank,* Daily Mail*