Wow, I thought he would be around forever

Many student press alumni will remember Trevor Hargreaves of Douglas College – mostly because he has been around at his paper for a very long time.

Last year*, he was Editor-in-Chief of The Other Press* when it pretty much ignored the Douglas Students Union scandal.

During his time has EiC, I wrote an opinion piece for the McMaster student newspaper calling for the students union to become democratic. (To this day, I believe it to be one of my best columns) I criticized his paper for not holding the SU to account. His disagreed with my assessment and ended his letter saying:

“Coleman…your writing sucks more ass than a lyposuction hose. Go apply for a job at the Peak. ”

I love that line – I use it has a tag line myself.

While, in the latest issue of The Other Press it was announced that Hargreaves is leaving the paper. I wish him the best of luck and thank him for one of my favourite pieces of fan mail.