On My Failures of Punctuality

Meet you for coffee at 2:15pm, I tell someone. Then I don't show up until 2:22pm.

This is something I've done with regularity in the past few years, and something that I'm ashamed of. I once pride myself on my punctuality, my order.

In high school, one could set their watch to my walking down the hallway from my locker beside room 205 to the server room in room 232. Each day, this walk would occur at 8:12am. When I was in the military and based in garrison, I picked up breakfast from a local restaurant at 7:07am. Even my days ended with routine, during my final years of high school, I had an apartment at King and Quigley. Monday to Wednesday, I referreed sports, and each night I took the 2140 5E-Greenhill bus out of Downtown. Monday night's I board at McMaster, Tuesday nights in Dundas, Wednesday night at Kenilworth after taking the 41-Mohawk across the Mountain.

One of my goals for this year is restoring my punctuality. It's disrespectful of others time to waste it by their waiting for me to arrive.

I've resumed my former practicing of travelling nearby prior to meeting with someone, and leaving early.

Hopefully, this will cut down on the number of times I'm tardy.