Will It Ever Be One Challenge Too Many?

Will It Ever Be One Challenge Too Many?

One of my greatest fears is that one day I'll decide that I've reached one challenge too far. It's an odd fear because it seems that no matter the challenge that is placed in front of me, life prepares me for it and I'm ready to overcome it.

Today came a new challenge - which caught me by surprise, and one which the solution for which was foreshadowed on the weekend. Dealing with this challenge is going to require me to focus and work hard in March, but the timing may work in that many of the things I need to do to succeed are things I've prepared for independent of this unexpected circumstance.

Being an entrepreneur is a seemingly endless race to overcome hurdles, all in the hope of finishing the race, and in the greater hope of reaching the podium of success.

What surprises me today is my confidence that I'll be able to jump this set of hurdles. Maybe I spend too much time looking ahead fearing that I'll drop out of the race, instead of looking back at all the hurdles I've already surpassed.

Here's to my hustle.