Proposal Allows Market Vendors to Rent More Than One Stall [Market Sub-Cmte Mtg Nov 11 2pm]

Proposal Allows Market Vendors to Rent More Than One Stall [Market Sub-Cmte Mtg Nov 11 2pm]

Hamilton Farmers’ Market vendors will be allowed to own more than one market stall if the decision of the Market Sub-Committee is approved by Council in two weeks.
The Sub-Committee, made up of Councillors Farr, Collins, and Pasuta, heard from staff that allowing market vendors to hold more than one stall will enable them to better compete with Nations Fresh – the new downtown grocery store – and to offer a wide-range of products while ensuring rental revenue for the City.

Councillors heard from staff that Market vendors are reporting decreased revenue since the opening of the new grocery store and many vendors are looking to expand their selections to compete. Under the current Market by-law, they are unable to expand their stalls to add produces, the changes will allow them to both expand or own other stall spaces.

Staff say there are presently three empty spaces in the Market. One of the spaces will be rented to an existing vendor who wishes to expand. There are six applicants for the other two spaces.

The Farmers’ Market Stallholders will be in front of Council on November 20 presenting a plan to fund parking for Farmers’ Market customers and a decrease on the percentage of their user fee.

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Hamilton Farmers’ Market vendors will once again be allowed to rent more than one stall if a proposal from staff is approved. The restriction was created after the 2010 renovation.

The proposal is the only item of business for the Farmers’ Market Sub-Committee on November 11. The meeting begins at 2pm.

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AGENDA Discussion Items 4.1 Hamilton Farmers' Market By-law Amendment Private and Confidential 6.1. Private and Confidential Minutes of the April 24, 2013 meeting. Adjournment


When Market renovations were complete in 2010, there was a shortage of stalls and not enough space for all the vendor who had in the Market prior to the renovation.

Changes were made to the Market by-law that restricted each owner to one stall. Even with this restriction, the City had to rent space in Jackson Square for overflow vendors.

Today, there are numerous empty stalls in the Market and all vendors who were housed in Jackson Square are now in the Market.

To address the difficulty renting out the empty stalls, City staff are proposing removing the restrictions on multiple stalls per vendor.