Steel Committee: City Hall Responses to U.S. Steel Announcement [9:30am Thursday]

The Steel Committee voted to ask City staff to meet with federal and U.S. Steel officials to determine next steps, with the City’s top priority being the future of the 8000 pensioners in our community. [Full Replay]

Council’s dormant Steel Committee holds their first meeting since 2010 as they respond to the announcement last week that the company’s Hamilton operation (the former Stelco) is permanently ending steelmaking operations. (Other operations continue, and only 43 jobs are being lost)

Today’s meeting should involve Councillors passing motions to begin getting more information about U.S. Steel’s plans in Hamilton and to begin the formal conversation about future uses for the current U.S. Steel lands on the Harbour.

Full live coverage starts at 9:30 a.m., livestream here:

[![Steel Committee Agenda - November 7 2013](]( Committee Agenda - November 7 2013