SFSS Memo to Staff

You can read the full memo on a student website at SFU: http://www.sfu.ca/~yangz/memo.pdf

October 26, 2006
The SFSS has been advised by its legal counsel that the purported special general meeting
on October 25, 2006 was invalid. As a result, any resolutions purported to have been passed
are of no force or effect.
This is obviously a difficult time for the Society, and we recognize that it is also a difficult
time for our employees. This memo will outline the Society’s expectations for its employees
over the next several days. Deviation from the direction given in this memo will be viewed as
insubordination and grounds for discipline or discharge.
1 . All direction to staff will come in writing from Weir Liz, Internal Relations Officer.
Any requests from employees should be directed to Wei Li, Internal Relations
2. All correspondence to and from University Administration be directed
through Margo Dunnet, External Relations Officer.
3. All contact with on-campus student groups, including the Graduate Issues
Committee should be directed to Glyn Lewis, Member Services Officer.
4. All contact with other off-campus group’s should be directed to Margo Dunnet,
External Relations Officer.
5. All contact with media, both on- and off-campus, should be directed to Shawn
Hunsdale, President and Margo Dunnet, External Relations Officer.
6. All correspondence with the SFSS financial institutions are to be through Vanessa
Kelly, Treasurer.
7. All correspondence with the SFSS auditors should be through Vanessa Kelly,
8. Other than payroll related expenses, no checks are to be processed.
9. All questions regarding the legal affairs should be directed to Shawn Hunsdale,
President and Margo Dunnet, External Relations Officer. Only these two directors
should be in contact with the SFSS legal counsel, Rush, Crane, Guenttier, and
While it may seem that this direction is overly restrictive and limits employees’ ability to
perform their duties, the employer has taken this action for the protection of staff.
We thank you for you patience with this matter. We will have an update shortly on the
length of time it will take to resolve this matter; however, we anticipate it being resolved in
the next few weeks.

Wei Li, Internal Relations Officer
Simon Fraser Student Society
Shawn Hunsdale, President
Simon Fraser Student Society

Wow, an interesting memo.  Very threatening in the whole “insubordination and ground for discipline or discharge” bit.  Good that they are only going to process payroll checks. (check the update below for more on this)

SFSS Democracy Now! is reporting that a student protest is to occur today demanding that the “G7” recognize student democracy:


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It appears that the bank accounts of the SFSS are frozen pending a settlement of the events that have occurred. The SFSS lawyer sent a letter to SFU today. All this is available here:
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