So I am on Vacation from Blogging Student Politics

I am not alone in taking a vacation, the OUSA blog, the Dalhousie SU blog, and well those are the only two that like me have posted vacation notices when it comes to blogging about student politics.  It is like crack or something to me cause I still read a lot about it and am really having a hard time withdrawing from it.  Titus Gregory of is not helping by posting about the court decision in SFSS vs. Gregory as it is entitled, the SFSS election results, and the CFS-proxy’s appeal of those results (note: not saying the appeal is without at least some merit).

In place of blogging on these issues, I have been commenting away on them instead.  Sorta defeats the purpose would you not say?

On a more personal note… today, for the first time since at least 2000, I ran into one of my main crushes from High School.  It was a brief run-in but it was very weird.  I mean, I have not seen this person forever yet immediately upon seeing her from a distance, everything else going on stopped.  Anyway, it was really weird.  It is just the first time that I have had this happen since High School that I run into a former crush.  You see it on Sitcoms and shows all the time but I had never believed in the whole premise.

Also, Spike TV ruled today.  Star Trek Voyager Marathon!  of which I only caught 10 minutes 🙁