University of Regina president resigns after only serving 15 months

I am going to call bullshit on one point in the lengthy story the Canadian Press has on this:

“In view of differences of opinion on management philosophy and other issues, I have decided to resign as president of the university,” Mr. Hawkins said in a written statement.

“I remain a professor at the university and look forward to serving the university and its students in that capacity in the future.”

Here is the interesting thing with that statement, Mr. Hawkins is a Law Professor and last time I checked (2mins ago on the URegina Website), URegina does not have a Law School.  One cannot teach an empty class.  Sure he can teach some law and ethics course in say Political Science but I suspect that he is getting a parachute and will appear elsewhere in the near future.  He does have strong Manitoba connections and I could see him ending up there.   I do not have any real background on the events that have lead to this, just what the CP article states.