My Thoughts on Solo: The Movie

Finally took the time to watch Solo: A Star Wars Story this evening as I sorted papers and cleaned up a Facebook list.

I've enjoyed both of the stand-alone Star Wars stories, especially Rogue One. (The new Trilogy, not so much, and even the recent comics have disappointed me)

The Solo movie gives a great back story to the most interesting character of the original trilogy; well it's a standalone movie ties so much into the plots of the other Star Wars. Much like Rogue One, it fills in the loose ends of plot lines from the original trilogy.

A couple of things I especially enjoyed:

  • The back story of how Han gains the name Solo
  • The story of Solo's failed Imperial career, and that his leaving the Empire is simple, boring, and self-serving.
  • The Chewbecca and Solo meeting, and how their friendship began. This genuinely surprised me.
  • The Kessel chapter, which built upon and respected the old canon of Star Wars from the novels of the 1990s.
  • Solo's accidental and unintended support of the early stages of the Rebel Alliance.
  • And the plot twists at the end which, combined with the recent Star Wars animated shows, are building a complex and multifaceted universe which extends beyond the original 1977 pure good versus pure evil.

On a more personal level, I enjoyed seeing how much Han Solo was made part of a team, dependent upon others, and driven to save another ("The Girl") as the reason why Han Solo does what Han Solo does.

He's not just a smuggler looking for a quick buck.