StatsCan releases Census Data for Hamilton

One of the interesting things reported by the Spectator is that the population fell, of Ainslie Wood, dropped 24 per cent.  I live there.  I can guarantee that it has not dropped.  If anything it grew.

Now why does StatsCan say different?  I would have to say this is because it is a student area and StatsCan did not go door-to-door as has been done previously.  The fact is that I never received anything in the mail on the Census and I was missed.  So were the other three people in my place.  Many people I know in the area were not counted.

This is why the data in this area is not valid.

I remember calling the 800 number a few times and getting nowhere.  Eventually I gave up.

I told the MSU that this was important and they did not believe me.  It is important because when the city decides where to put recreation funding, they look at the population stats for example.  Also police resources, fire protection, and pretty much everything else government are decided based upon the census.