The Federal Budget - Reactions from the PSE sector

I am a little disappointed in the federal budget today.  I did not see anything that really helps the students who need help the most.  The government announced 600million in tax credits for RESP’s which I think could have been better spent by putting it into PSE today.  The government is promising for 08/09 an increase of $800 million in PSE funding.  Some 07/08 budget when the only real money they are offering for PSE is 08/09 which is guaranteed to be after an election so who knows who will be the government.  In short, the budget was designed to get votes in Quebec and the 905-belt which I believe it will do.

PSE lobby groups and other have sent out their news releases on the budget tonight.  Here they are in order of time transmitted by CNW:

17:35 ET – Ontario Undergraduate Student AllianceFederal budget raises Ontario students’ expectations for McGuinty’s pre-election offering on Thursday

18:03 ET – Canadian Federation of StudentsNew Post-Secondary Education Funding Needs Accountability Mechanism

18:20 ET – Canadian Association of University TeachersFederal budget fails to address chronic imbalance in post-secondary education funding

18:21 ET – The Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) – Federal budget : McGill students disappointed

19:16 ET – Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) – A Positive First Step for Post-secondary Education

19:29 ET – College Student Alliance (CSA)Federal Budget Falls Short of Expectations: Ontario College Students

**UPDATE: **The Dalhousie Students’ Union has great coverage on their blog Inside 6136 University Avenue: Federal Budget Highlights.