York University Student Election Interference Allegations

The YFS elections are underway.  I have posted about them twice so far.

Today, I post about outside interference in the election on behalf of the CFS-friendly (have to protect myself from a CFS lawsuit) slate by CFS-friendly (again protect myself as much as possible from a CFS lawsuit) people from other schools.

Today, it is alleged that David Scrivener of University of Toronto Students’ Union was on campus at York campaigning for the York Undivided slate which is the CFS-friendly slate.

The following CFS-friendly people have posted to facebook:

Now, Rascanu was mentioned in previous posts here related to the UTSC shenanigans that are presently ongoing.  The UTSC situation is covered extensively here: http://realtruehonestlove.blogspot.com/

Watch this blog for more on this subject including a picture or two of another student union executive campaigning at York U for the CFS-friendly slate.