The Food Services Poster - Causing a Stir

University AdministrationSomebody (I am no longer confident that it was administration, I believe it may be a group of students) has complained about my posters. This is not a surprise because the last thing Administration wants is students to get educated on the issue and to get mobilizied to bring about positive change in this area. As I have said so many times, Administration at the University of Manitoba looks at Students as a revenue stream and a means of lobbying government for more money. Now that a student is getting other students mobilized around him to fight against being ripped off on a daily basis, Administration is fighting back.
Changes on Saturday Feb 26: I have received an anomynous comment on my blog (I have not posted it), from a student (IP is MTS with a campus residence) who is organizating against me. Based on this, I have struck out Administration. On the same note, the reason I believed Admin was behind this was at the same time this occurred, Admin stopped communicating with me on the issue.