The Simple Pleasure of Waving While Cycling

The Simple Pleasure of Waving While Cycling

"Ding, Ding" and a wave, it's amazing how such a seemingly small thing can have a big impact on brightening the day.

This evening involved a bike trip from my office downtown to the McMaster campus around 5pm.

Along the way, every few blocks, a "Ding, Ding" and wave as I passed someone I knew riding a Sobi (bike share) the other direction.

The side streets of West Hamilton and Westdale are nice rides, with few vehicle crossover points, making waving a more common practice as I have time to identify the cyclist approaching.

The Cannon Cycle Track has plenty of vehicle points, and I'm always significantly more focused on checking my 5-o-clock going westbound than looking at cyclists going eastbound.

I can tell you, that when someone says "Hi Joey" as I pass them, I always smile. (I do feel bad I'm reacting, but I'm sure everyone understands why I'm focusing my potential on watching for distracted drivers about to make left turns)

It's a simple thing, but I really felt myself happier each time it happen along the way. The reminder that we live in an inner-connected community.

So keep waving Hamilton.