Time to Stop Riding the Coattails

While, I am sitting here, it is 220am. I have been awake since 6am yesterday and have been very busy all day. I was barely alive in my Poli Sci class almost fell out of my seat! I have been writing a letter to a friend and realized while riding this letter, that I have been riding my own coattails for over three years! I was an up and comer, all my projects were successful and I was well respected. Then I decided that to take on another ‘project’. This project was a bad detour.

I removed myself from all public committees, drop most of my Boys’ and Girls’ Club activities, turned down both the Queen’s Golden Jubilee medal and the Ontario Youth Citizenship medal. That was a huge mistake. While, that is over. During my time in Winnipeg, I have been heavily involved with and have been one of the driving forces behind the new University Kiwanis Club. This has been a good first step but is not at the level I used to be at.
I have begun a full-fledged planning process for a huge project when I get back to Hamilton.
It has been five years since I was part of the team that opened Teen Zone and I spent the next two years and three months working on expanding it. I was very successful. While, this project I am planning is going to make Teen Zone look like an ant, big in its world and doing a lot of work but not the biggest thing around. I believe my old coattails will be useful, the reason I have had so much success here in Winnipeg is that people here remember me from June 2002, when I was still a critical thinker who was able to make decisions. It would be only one month later when the phrase began that would remove most of my leadership abilities, confidence and esteem.