U of M - Highest Meal Rates in the Country and still climbing

Currently the highest per meal rate in the country is here at the University of Manitoba. For your nice cold breakfast consisting of:
2 re-heated hard boiled eggs
1 small 300ml sized cup of cold cereal or 1 bagel
1 Muffin or Danish or piece of fruit or 2 slices of bread
2 glasses concentrate juice or soda pop
All for the incredible price of $9.04 (on 11 meals a week plan)
While the University will pass at the Board of Governors tomorrow an increase in all meal rates for Tache/Speechly residents (the ones they are currently ripping off) of 5%.
This means that this great deal will now be $9.49 (on 11 meals a week plan)
Of course, if students were not forced to pay this (and they have no choice it is part of living in residence), they could go to Perkins down the street and have a hot breakfast for $2.49 plus tax.
Oh yeah, the University is still willing to talk next Tuesday about Food Services and going to “in-house not-for-profit food services”. As I was concerned, they are merely talking with us for something to do and not to actually make things better for students. I will not be attending as the UMSU representative of St. Andrew’s College as I am so disgusted by this move that I do not believe it to be productive for me to be at the table. I will make a presentation with my research and then leave the room. I will leave it to cooler heads to negotiate with the University. I personally have come to the conclusion that this University is only looking to keep ripping students off but I wish next year’s Council luck in trying to convince the University to do otherwise.
Overall Residence rates after increase will be:
11 meals a week (advertised as 12 meals a week but they cut that back in September)
From $ 5748 to $ 6380.28
14 meals a week (advertised as 15 meals a week but they cut that back in September)
From $ 5828 to $ 6469.08
16 meals a week (advertised as 17 meals a week but they cut that back in September)
From $ 5908 to $ 6557.88