UBC student pleads guilty to mischief

A University of British Columbia student plead guilty yesterday to two counts of making threats and two counts of mischief after plotting against the university earlier this year.

Hwi Lee, 19, made separate threats against the university in January and February, which resulted in a partial shutdown of the university and a great deal of concern at the campus of 43,000 students.

On Jan. 29, the university notified the RCMP of a threat against the university’s biological-sciences building. The building was placed under lockdown with faculty, staff and students ordered to remain in their offices, labs and classrooms as the RCMP swept the building. The building was not declared safe until after 7:30 p.m. that day.

On Feb. 6, another threat was received by telephone at the university. This threat promised to carry out the Jan. 29 threat. Again, the RCMP locked down the building and conducted a room by room search of the premises.

Lee will now undergo a psychiatric evaluation and appear in court on Sept. 23 for sentencing.