UMSU Council

Tonight, I will be resigning my seat two weeks early and will be replaced by Caleb Scott, the new elected St. Andrew’s College Councillor for 2005/06.
This resignation is to enable me to speak more freely next Tuesday and say things that will bother both UMSU and the University.
I have enjoyed my short time on Council and I feel that I have achieved a lot. I wish to thank everyone for their support and assistance in getting the food service issues dealt with. I believe that we will change this University for the better if we remain focused on working with Administration and if Administration starts working with us. At this time, I wish that I could have seen where I would be right now at the University of Manitoba back in September. I have enjoyed my time at St. Andrew’s College. The residence here is great and mature. It is too bad that I was not in a mature residence in September when I decided that I could not live in the environment I was in. When I made the decision to transfer out of the University of Manitoba, I set things in motion that I cannot stop. I wish I could because I would have stayed here for another year in the hope that food services would improve through the work of UMSU Council.
Again, I wish to thank everyone for their support.