UMSU - More Action on the Tuition File

A bit of a busy day for me so far….. so I am just cutting and pasting from the UMSU site to get the word out. Amazing, here at McMaster, the MSU did not opposed the 4.5 – 8 percent tuition hikes imposed on all students. Compare this to UMSU where UMSU is working hard and engaging students to work against tuition hikes. Of course, it is standard practice at UMSU to work for students.
From the UMSU site:

The University of Manitoba Board of Governors voted on May 23 in favour of increasing the international student differential fee to 180% (it was 100%, or double what other students pay, this past year)
The University claims that it is in a funding crisis, but the provincial government has increased funding for the U of M by 7% for 2006-07 ($12 million) and has committed 5% increases for the following two years.
Many international students are now telling UMSU that they will not be able to complete their studies at the U of M, and it is unfortunate that the university has taken such a drastic step that will negatively affect our entire province.
** Get involved with the Fee Watch Campaign. Come to a meeting on Monday May 29 at 5pm in the UMSU Council Chambers to decide what our next step should be.
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