Student Newspapers I Read - The Peak (Simon Fraser University)

Here is another one of my favorites: The Peak at Simon Fraser University.
The stories in it are always well written and I always have the opportunity to think about what is being said to me in this paper. The Peak publishes weekly, yes weekly!, over the summer. Thankfully for me too, I was missing it for the two weeks it did not publish during exams.
Click the Image for a Larger Picture of the Cover

Unlike the Sil, they have a webpage that is updated and they put the PDF version online. You can read the PDF version here: The Peak (PDF) May 23, 2006
This week, I found the following stories to be worth spreadingt:
The “Thank You” and “Screw You” Column (Page 2 of the PDF)
Controversy swirls at the Douglas Students’ Union
The rest of the stories are very much local interest stories. It is a bit of a slow edition this time.
The Peak does have a good design and the txt msg column allows for easy interactivity with the readership. The Opinions page is normally very informative and intelligent.
Not only that, they do investigative reporting. They hold Student Unions accountable, imagine that. It was The Peak that broke the Douglas Student Union $200,000 loan from CFS scandal. You can read the Auditors Report that triggers all this here: is covering the story as well here.
Now, I had a link to coverage of this story back in May. may have removed it due to a libel threat. I do not know for sure. Global News reports in their segment that The Peak is being sued by Joey Hanson. This may explain why a few articles have disappeared.
I do not know the merits of the suit and I will not make any assumptions at this point. I suggest taking a look at the audit as it seems to be primary documentation if you are interested in learning what is going on.