Call to Arms Everyone Out! (Repeat)

This is very important and I want it to be at the top of my blog hence the repeat.
The University of Manitoba BoG is about to try to imposed fee hikes of up to $460 again this year.
Last year we stopped them for the most part. We did get nailed with the $150 Tech Fee of which none of it was spent on Student Computing instead it went to a new mainframe to replace the old mainframe. The new mainframe is a bit of a joke in my opinion. The University had to remove the cap on VW’s because the new mainframe could not track VW’s. (I am glad there is no cap on VWs for the record) You can read my opinion on the fee here:
We need everyone to come out to the University of Manitoba BoG meeting next week. Put this on your blog, let your friends know… UMSU needs our help, lets give it!

WHAT: University of Manitoba Board of Governors Meeting
WHEN: Tuesday May 23, 3:30pm
WHERE: Room 160 Frank Kennedy (near west entrance)

Get More Info at the special UMSU page on this issue: