Writing a Chapter for a Book For Possible Publication in Q4 2018

Writing a Chapter for a Book For Possible Publication in Q4 2018

Today's been a productive day of writing the draft of a chapter I'm contributing to a book proposal.

I'm not sure what I'm able to reveal, so I'm going to avoid revealing more than that I'm not in a leadership role on this project, and I'm only contributing a chapter.

It's a lot of fun to put together 20,000 words on a topic which I'm passionate about.

I had no idea the complexity of the book publishing process. The draft I'm submitting this week is only a draft for the publisher to review alongside other writing - if all goes well and approval is giving, publication is not excepted until late-2018.

Back when I was recruited by Maclean's a decade ago, a book publisher suggested I should write my life story - the whole Crown Ward overcomes adversity angle. I felt it was premature, that the feel-good genre didn't interest me that much, plus, I have much more to achieve and contribute before I would even consider a writing a book. Plus, what would I actually be contributing by adding to the feel-good genre?

One day, in the future, I hope to write a book that contributes to public discourse and policy - but that's at least a decade away, I first have to find a means to fund the completion of my undergraduate and then complete a graduate degree.

As Jesse Brown would say... wait for it.