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Writing a Chapter for a Book For Possible Publication in Q4 2018

Today's been a productive day of writing the draft of a chapter I'm contributing to a book proposal. I'm not sure what I'm able to reveal, so I'm going to avoid revealing more than that I'm not in a leadership role on this project, and I'm only contributing a chapter. It's a lot of fun to put together 20,000 words on a topic which I'm passionate about. I had no idea the complexity of the book publishing process. The draft I'm submitting this week is only a draft for the publisher to review alongside other writing - if all goes well and approval is giving, publication is not excepted until late-2018. Back when I was recruited by Maclean's a...

Using the Library Catalogue to Teach RSS, A Workshop Idea!

I love bragging about being the first to get library materials, and I want to teach you how to beat me! I want others to use open tools such as RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to enhance their ability to read a wide range of websites and to become better informed from a wide range of sources. I'm thinking of a workshop on RSS, free to the public,or nominal cost to cover materials, on how to use RSS. I'm interested to know if your interested. I use RSS to follow over 500 websites, in a wide range of interests, and even use RSS to monitor things such as my server RAM usage. One of my uses of RSS is to...