Joey's Reading List for January 11, 2017

Selection of articles I've read that I'm sharing with you.

My blog is now powered using Ghost, and I'm a quick writer in the Markdown language used by Ghost on it's backend.

Hopefully, this means I'll be able to get back into the habit of sharing a list of articles I've read recently that may be of interest to you. (in no particular order)

  1. New South Wales government's bus wifi is a privacy nightmare (The Register) - Much like the Hamilton Police Service "free" crime map, this government "free" WiFi comes at the cost of your privacy as it is operated by an advertising company. (Bonus points to El Reg for using a Speed movie frame capture in the follow up story.)

  2. Matthew Fisher: The Fault Lines for 2017. (TVO's The Agenda) - Canada's longest serving foreign correspondent spoke to Paikin about the year ahead that will be 2017.

  3. Press freedom is not my freedom (Dave Winer) - Dave Winer takes issue with access journalists who are now concerned about freedom of the press. "It's totally apparent that we have to re-form journalism around the needs of voters, and ignore the charade. It's just acting-for-advertising, that's all that's going on here."

  4. Using Big Data to Improve Public Transit (Matt Pinder) - self-explanatory title.