Joey's Readings for January 16 2017

Selection of articles I've read that I'm sharing with you.

In no particular order.

  1. Barbara Raue's Mount Forest picks - my friend's mother is blogging in retirement and recently visited Mount Forest, Ontario. She's pick five examples of the town's architecture.
    I'm fond of Mount Forest, but never spent much time there. It was a regular pit stop for me during my army days travelling to Meaford and Borden.

  2. The Graham Crawford Show - this week is the civic panel edition of the podcast. A lively 50 minute discussion. Of note to me - the well deserved criticism of Jason Farr and Aidan Johnson for their lack of action on Council's worst behaviour. Also, strong criticism of Hamilton's police services board.

  3. Noted legal scholar on Buzzfeed's libel risk publishing the Trump dossier - warning: long read - Eugene Volokh writes on the complexities of law involved if Trump sues Buzzfeed for publishing the infamous dossier.

  4. Briton's trust in media reaches new low - "The number of people in the UK saying they trusted the media fell from 36% in 2016 to 24%".
    The lack of trust in media across the Anglosphere is understandable, I count myself in the "don't trust media" count. The best thing the media can do is be transparent in our processes, and fallibility.

  5. Ottawa's Public Health unit is piloting a program to get healthy food into corner stores. The PH unit takes care of setup, marketing, and promotion. They've partnered with a wholesaler for distribution and to keep prices low.
    Can we do this in Hamilton?

  6. Those engaged in illegal activities are increasingly deploying sophisticated systems to prevent whistleblowing. Paul Bradshaw looks at machine learning for threat detection as the latest challenge to public interest whistleblowing: The machine that learns how to stop whistleblowers