Vrancor Proposes New 12-storey Mixed Commercial-Residential Building on Cannon East

Vrancor, the company of Darko Vranich, is proposing a new 12-storey mixed use building for 220-222 Cannon Street East, the southeast corner of Cathcart and Cannon.

[![The proposed building will be behind the existing building in the foreground (Joey Coleman)](http://joeycoleman.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/IMG_20140717_191824-336x251.jpg)](http://joeycoleman.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/IMG_20140717_191824.jpg)The proposed building will be behind the existing building in the foreground (Joey Coleman)
The building will have two floors of commercial without setback. Above this will be 10 stories of residential with a setback from Cannon Street in the front, and further setbacks in the rear to maintain the character of Cathcart.

The proposed 10-stories of residents will contain 100-apartments.

Overall, the building is proposed to be 44 metres in height.

Parking requirements are being decreased for the building, with a planned 67 parking spots: 25 underground, 12 at ground level, and 30 on the second floor.

Road Widening

There is a requirement for all new developments along Cannon (and other one-way streets) to be setback further from the street than existing buildings to allow for a further expansion of the four-lane urban highway.

The Beasley Neighbourhood Association is on the recording opposing the expansion of Downtown’s numerous urban highways.

Design Review Panel

The proposal completed the Development Review Committee stage of formal consultation and will now be reviewed by the City’s new Design Review Panel before going forth to Council’s Planning Committee.

DRP will review the proposal to ensure its design is complementary to the neighbourhood and offer advice to improve the design.

*Editors Note: I’ve chosen to not publish the early design concepts (which are public record as part of the planning application) as they will be subject to much change. I will publish concepts after the completion of design review. *